Passing forestland to the next generation should be part of a broader estate plan that considers evolving tax laws, gifts, and life after you’re gone.

03.27.23 \ Publications

Your forestland might be your family’s largest, most valuable asset in economic, recreational, or even purely sentimental respects.

Take a moment to consider, however, what might happen to your forestland after you have passed away. As unpleasant as this exercise is, it’s important to consider the question, “Do I know for certain who will own my land after I am gone?” Whether you own 10 acres of forestland or 100,000 – and no matter how you use it – it’s crucial to start planning how you want to pass it on after you are gone. A well-crafted estate and succession plan that considers the factors discussed in this article can help ensure that your forestland does not just continue to benefit your family now but for generations to come. 

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