Your Catalyst for Legal Success

James Bates focuses on helping our clients grow, safeguarding their interests and propelling their businesses toward success. We’re not simply a law firm; we’re a dedicated collective of high-achieving, empathetic individuals who immerse ourselves in the realm of those we serve.

Since our inception in 1999, we have adapted and evolved, yet our core values are steadfast: integrity, servant leadership, respect for others and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Welcome to a legal partnership where we are a catalyst for your success because we unfailingly prioritize you and what you want to achieve.

Core Values

Integrity: We act with unwavering moral strength and consistently uphold the highest standards of business and life.

Servant leadership: We seek and find joy in serving others, always aiming to create a positive impact for our clients, professionals and communities.

Respect for others: Our respect is embedded in every gesture, communication and decision we make.

Pursuit of excellence: Our never-ending quest is fueled by our passion for delivering exceptional client experiences through knowledgeable, creative solutions.

More About Our Firm

Our Core Values


Servant Leadership

Respect for Others

Pursuit Of Excellence

From our clients

A lot of time lawyers can can come across as not being able to connect with the people. They are just there to win for their client, or hammer something in. But our team at James Bates – from the very outset – was very approachable. It was very personable. And that’s extremely important.

I think of the James Bates culture as quality. They are a quality firm with quality people.

I have dealt with lawyers my entire life, and I would put the James Bates lawyers I dealt with up against anybody. I thought they were that good.

James Bates lawyers are super fair. Very ethical, lots of integrity