Dive into an immersive experience at James Bates, where your skills and personality are nurtured, supported and celebrated. Summer associates are exposed to real-world situations and hands-on learning opportunities.  

If exploring varied realms of practice, engaging deeply with colleagues and clients, and being enveloped in a culture that breeds respect, integrity and excellence resonates with you, join James Bates as a summer associate! 

Reach out to our Director of Human Resources, Christi Simmons for more information on our program.



We admire the way James Bates selects their incoming Associate candidates and who they choose. Because they take time and have a holistic approach, there is a better chance that our students will be happy there and stay there. We feel James Bates goes beyond just the academic merit to identify the ideal potential candidates – and it’s working. It becomes a really organic fit. We can’t say that confidently about other firms and the students that are placed there.

University administrator