Our commitment to you

We put clients first

  • By Being Responsive
  • By Being Accessible
  • By Continuously Improving Our Procedures
  • By Understanding Their Needs
  • On Our Premises

In 1999, the founding partners of James Bates established a forward-thinking, client-driven law firm, centered on the following core values: integrity, servant leadership, respect for others and the pursuit of excellence. 

From the outset, James Bates adopted an ambitious goal of growth and expansion to serve the needs and expectations of its clients, while at the same time strictly adhering to the firm’s core values. This unique approach to practicing law resulted in a law firm comprised of high-achieving, dedicated, and responsible individuals, who strive for excellence both personally and professionally. 

At James Bates, we take a special interest in each client by providing the same level of attention, service, and value we seek in our own business and personal relationships. We do so by: Providing Honorable and Creative solutions for our clients.

core values

  • Integrity
  • Servant Leadership
  • Respect For Others
  • Pursuit Of Excellence